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  Last update  23/10/2016

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The Levit family tree begins with Emanual Levit (1797 -1863) who lived in Vienna. His son Arye Lev Levit, (1842 - 1923) and his wife Dina Dvorsky, (1858- 1921)  lived on Bujnaksk  Daghestan Russia which was then called  Timir-Chan-Schura.

Arye lev owned a conserved fruits and vegetables factory by the  name L. M. Levit and Sons established on 1896. The factory was  probably nationalized after the revolution.

Arye and Dina had 16 children only 5 of  whom left Russia:

Emanuel - lived in Vienna and then emigrated to USA with his family, 

Yeshayaho and Yosef - immigrated to Israel

Akim – lived, married and raised children in Vienna

Reiza - lived for sometime in Vienna and probably died during the Holocaust.

All the other 11 children were scattered all over Russia .

The Internet in our days make it possible to find and add new/unknown family members to enlarge Levit family tree. 


The Levit + Shmajewitch Family trees includes 317 individuals. 


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