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The Korn family tree begins with Markus Korn and wife Necha, born in 1825. They lived in Tarnobrzeg-Dzikow  Lwow (191 kilometers SSE of Warszawa), Poland  

and had (as far as I know) 4 children.

The eldest, Shlomo David (my great grandfather) born in 1856, was married to Blima Wiesenfeld, born in 1864, and had 7 children.

One of them Naftali Korn(my grandfather) was married to Hava (Eva) Kranz.

As I began my research I was amazed at the numbers of their descendants Killed during the Holocaust. A lot of information in this family tree was obtained from Yad Vashem Memory Site.

The gaps in my information are on the survivors and their descendants.

I hope this web site will help me fill the gaps.  

The Family tree that is created from the Korn, Wiesenfeld and Kranz families

 includes 191 individuals.

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